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Your Bright Light Shines On

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

It's been a year since Anthony's passing and it's still hard to even write this fact much less accept it. Every time I look at a picture of Anthony I still can't believe it's true. Gratefully Anthony's friends and family keep his presence alive with all of the beautiful ways they ensure his memory shining on. Anthony is missed dearly but his memory will never be forgotten! I wanted to recap the tributes here and I will continue to add here them as they happen. I know Anthony is looking down and so proud and humbled. If you have something to add that I can highlight, please reach out to me on social media or email me at


Thanks to Sarah Holditch at the Flagstaff Climbing Gym, Anthony's line art was on display recently at First Friday on Oct 6. His friends and family also had the opportunity to sign a message or a memory on the framed matted border. We can bring this back for another First Friday for those who may have missed it.


Thanks to Nicholas Alexander Allen and the annual "Par 4 The Parks Tournament" in Flagstaff, Anthony is now a permanent player on the roster. This was the last chance many of Anthony's friends had the opportunity to play with him. In addition, they have implemented an annual award in Anthony's name given to the person who puts in the most work for disc golf and life as a whole. It was awarded to Gabe Manci this year. So cool!


Thanks to Jason Kevin Moehlman and Josh MacNaughton for spearheading Anthony's memorial bench installation in July 2023 at McPherson Park with the City of Flagstaff. The new bench at McPherson Park on hole 12 is such an honor to have on the course, Anthony is looking down and so so proud.


Thanks to Jason Kevin Moehlman for his brilliant idea to have a custom disc made with Anthony's handsome smiling face. Luckily we had the perfect picture from one of his last tournaments and my friend designed a beautiful custom stamp. These discs were made and shared with many all over Flagstaff and the U.S. and the proceeds raised (a little over $900) went to the Flagstaff Climbing Gym's pay it forward fund in honor of Anthony. If you want one, reach out to JK.


Thanks to Patty Walsh at Beaver Street for permanently showcasing Anthony's chefs coat in Beaver Street Brews & Cues. It's located next to his favorite pool table, so anyone can go play a game of pool with him or have a whiskey and chat with him. Anthony spent a lot of time here and his energy definitely is present.


Thanks to Kelly Teach, Jason Henrie, and Sarah Holditch for putting together and hosting two fundraising events for Big Brothers Big Sisters Arizona. The event was not only a tribute to Anthony, but a climbing Fundraiser to raise money for the "littles" to learn how to climb. More than $1,000 was raised in honor of Anthony and he would be stoked to see kiddos getting their climb on!


Thanks to Brian Landau who jumped right into action and developed a dedication t-shirts and hat in honor of Anthony. Every time we are in Flagstaff out in public we spot someone wearing one and it makes our family smile knowing how many people Anthony impacted. Funds from the gear purchases goes to the Flagstaff Climbing Gym in honor of Anthony's memory.


Thanks to many of Anthony's friends, ATM casting ceremonies have taken place all over the world. This continues to happen and will continued to be highlighted in a part 3 blog post coming soon. Thank you friends! <3


Thanks to Jason Henrie at the Flagstaff Climbing Gym for permanently dedicating a lead wall to Anthony. Green plaques are located on Anthony’s favorite middle lead wall. They also have one at the top of the wall that says, "Take a whip for Anthony, DFIU". Thanks to Jason Kevin for hanging that one wayyyy at the top!


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