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What a Day, What a Day!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Wow, what an awesome and meaningful day on July 9! Thank you to everyone who came out to remember and celebrate Anthony.

The new bench on hole 12 at McPherson Park in Flagstaff is such an honor to have on the course, Anthony is so so proud. Massive thanks to Josh with the FDGC Founders Club for spearheading!

It was so special to hear all the stories of Anthony that everyone shared. It truly touches my heart and makes me feel his continued presence.

Huge thanks again to JK for taking the lead on a lot of the events activities and the beautiful discs! You are amazing!

Also, thanks to everyone who brought food and drinks for our BBQ. Janine Millam for manning the grill and Elias for your yummy home baked cookies.

BIG thanks to my Flagstaff family and Dean family for always being there and keeping Anthony’s memory alive.

Also, congrats to DC who score an ace on hole 18 with Anthony’s disc, too cool!

For those who were not able to make it to the event to pick up their disc, JK and I will be in touch.

Also, thanks to everyone’s generous donations we raised $872 to go towards Anthony’s pay it forward funds at the Climbing gym!

Thank you all for continuing to show up and spread your love!!!

Happy Birthday, Anthony. Forever young, forever remembered.


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