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"Your enthusiasm leaps from your smile"

I wanted to share a few things. First off, thank you to everyone who is helping to maintain Anthony‘s roadside during the winter months.  

Kenny Cunningham (who is not on social media but we stay in contact) has the "A" letter from his tree plaque that fell off and he will be gluing it back on here soon. Kenny is the sweetest!

I also created a new photo memorial plaque that I will be installing when I head up there next. Thank you Marc Yamamoto for this great photo of Anthony all smiles and in his element This one will stand up higher above the ground and specifically for outdoor use. So, hopefully it won’t fade and get covered by the snow like the other one that is there now.

I also wanted to share some special notes about Anthony that Janine Millam found in his PD vest last week. If anybody knows which river trip this was on, please do share. The messages that they left bring a smile to my heart. I especially love the one that says "your enthusiasm leaps from your smile." This describes Anthony well. The jokes that he also had in his pocket bring a laugh to my heart as well. I know Ellen Bennett supplied him with those, prob to give him some good jokes to say to his passengers on that trip.

Lastly, ADOT followed up with me recently sharing that the public safety/intersection road signs were installed. Thanks again for everyones support in making that happen!

Much love,



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