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The Last Time We Spoke

This post may be somber, but it's what I have been thinking a lot about this week.


I just talked to you.

I just talked to you two nights before you died.

Tuesday, October 4 to be exact.

We were playing phone tag, like we usually do.

Two hard workers, living and making the best of life.

But never too busy to connect.

I am forever grateful we spoke on the phone that Tuesday.

You died on Thursday night.

When we talked, we picked right back up like we usually do.

I was making dinner from scratch which made me feel even more connected to you.

You gave me a hard time for my voicemail box being full.

You tried to leave me a voicemail earlier on Tuesday when I was at work.

You said you were just talking to your coworker earlier how full mailboxes are a pet peeve of yours.

And you said "not my sister, nooooo!!"

I am so grateful my mailbox was full or we may not have connected that night.

We talked about your upcoming trip to Spain and how you were so excited to get away.

Away from work which you didn't enjoy as much anymore.

You didn't like making that drive up and down the canyon.

You didn't like being a manager always, pros and cons.

You were excited when you got back from Spain you were going to be working somewhere new.

You talked about the disc golf tournament you were going to play in Show Low that weekend.

We talked about the many tournaments you played in this year since Dad passed.

You said you felt a little guilty about playing so much, but that you were stoked about your wins.

I said I was so proud of you for doing what you love.

I said I really miss you and need to see you.

Kids are on spring break soon and we want to come up to Flag to see you.

You said you wanted to see us too and that you would plan to head to Phoenix after Show Low to say hi since you'd be leaving to Spain soon.

I said I would love that and I can't wait to see you soon.

We said I love you to each other and then hung up.

I had just talked to you two nights before you died and I am so grateful.


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