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STOP Deadly 89a Turn at Forest Highlands Drive in Flagstaff, AZ

My twin brother, Anthony Meehan, was innocently killed on his motorcycle less than a mile away from his home going northeast on 89a when a driver going southwest turned left into the Forest Highlands community. Anthony was not speeding, the driver simply didn’t see him and turned right in front of him.

The stretch on 89a where he was killed is extremely dangerous. Sitting and watching the road for even 30 mins the traffic coming up and down the canyon into Oak Creek and people coming in and out of the Forest Highlands community is not safe. It’s no wonder the driver didn’t see him. Forest Highlands has 820 home sites, 760 which are complete or under construction, the traffic coming in and out will only increase and therefore so will safety issues.

I am currently working with Victim Witness Services on the outcome of my brother's accident investigation, and other accidents and fatalities on that stretch of highway.

Meanwhile something must be done so another innocent victim doesn’t lose their life. It breaks my heart that Anthony's death could have been prevented. We should have been celebrating our 42nd birthday together on July 5.

A calming circle, slower speed limit, flashing speed signs, just something! These are all things that have been implemented on other parts of 89a. Thank you for signing this petition which I will be presenting to Coconino County.

Much love and in Anthony’s memory, Megan


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