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Cheers to Our Angel Anthony

Missing Anthony like crazy this time of year. He’d always come into town for the holidays (except when traveling to climb a couple of years).

We always cherished our time together and everyone loved seeing Uncle Anthony.

Always a ball of energy (after his morning coffee of course), fun, laughs, and smiles.

Never complaining or grumpy about anything. If he was, it was a quick “ah come on man!” And some curse words here and there, but then he moved on.

So many reminders of Anthony this week, lots of crying missing his face and wishing I could see him one more time. What I would give to hear him knock on my door and hug him like crazy!

I just have to remember he is always close, even if we physically can’t see or hug him.

Cheers to our Angel Anthony who is always watching over us and keeping us safe. Let’s share the love and kindness he emanated this holiday season.


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