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Anthony was a force

Anthony’s friends never cease to amaze me. I am so glad he kept thoughtful, caring, kind, all around good humans in his life. This is a really special tribute that his boss and friend Caleb did in his memory. I know Anthony would give his chefs stamp of approval and say this is damn tasty! If you are in Oak Creek canyon make sure to stop by Indian Gardens and have “The ATM” in my brother’s memory.

Eighteen months ago one of our staff members, Anthony, passed away in a motorcycle accident a few minutes from his house after a day working at IG.

Anthony was a force.

Strong as an ox as he pursued his passion of climbing but gentle with the humans around him in the workplace.

Passionate and energetic but never reckless.

He was patient with his staff and a mentor for our younger team members.

He was a rock to our owners, giving us confidence that he would help us through difficult times.

He was a very “good human” as he reminded us all to be nearly every day.

Anthony worked for us at our Flagstaff restaurant, @pizzicletta , before joining us to reopen IG in December of 2020. He is a HUGE reason this location is open post-COVID, bringing his decades of restaurant experience and giving us insight and structure to the operations of this very busy and beloved outpost in Oak Creek Canyon. As a friend and staff member, he has been sorely missed, to say the least. If you’ve had a memorable experience in the last 3 years at IG, Anthony is most certainly one of those people that made it possible.

So, we are going to bring him back... on the menu!

Our best selling sandwich will now be “The ATM” (Anthony Thomas Meehan), which he commonly went by. It’ll be sitting at the top of our lunch menu, reminding us of his impact to this place and our people.

Thank you, Anthony. We love and miss you.


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